Thumbs Up25 years ago Zig Ziglar presented a seminar that would forever mark his place amongst the greatest motivational speakers.  Since then millions of people have used the principles taught in this seminar to attain personal success through self-confidence, traditional values, and uplifting thinking.

See You At The Top is filled with stories, analogies and jokes.  Zig Ziglar has a way of charming you so as to capture you to his way of thinking.   Zig’s formula for success includes the physical, mental, and spiritual.  If life has dealt you lemons, then See You At The Top will show you how to turn them into lemonade!

The basic principle of See You At The Top is  “you can get everything you want if you help enough other people get what they want”.   By following this simple mantra, Zig Ziglar will guide you to success by helping you to build a healthy self-image.

With a new introduction by Brian Tracy, the exclusive 25th anniversary edition of this classic program is a must for anyone who is serious about achieving true, lasting success across the entire spectrum of life.

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See You At The Top

Production: Excellent
Content: Excellent
Value: Excellent
Overall: Excellent
***** 5 / 5

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