Input Determines Output

Zig expresses his faith in you and your unrealized potential.  He says you may not be where you want to be because you received poor directions.  Then he provides you with new input, knowing it will help you move to the top.  You learn of the right words that, spoken to yourself, can change your life.

A New Vision of Life

Zig “gives” you a new pair of glasses.  They help you see that although life is “tough”, when you’re tough on yourself, it’s exciting and rewarding.  You learn the importance of having high expectations of yourself and others.  Your new glasses help you see people grow.  With them, you can look inward too, to discover you have all the qualities to accieve success!

Building Your Foundation

To reach the top, you8 need a solid foundation.  Zig says it should consist of honesty, character, loyalty, trust, faith and love, and he carefully defines each of these traits.  The stores he shares will illustrate their importance to you in achieving the outstanding success you strive for.

Attitude Determines Altitude

Zig dispels any doubts about how your attitude determines how much success you enjoy in life.  He cites several studies that underscore how attitude and success are intertwined.  And he provides many examples of both positive and negative attitudes in action.  You learn why positive thinking isn’t a cure-all, and also what you can do for you.

Enthusiasm Makes the Difference

Zig tells you about fear motivation, incentive motivation, and what this program is all about – growth motivation.  You learn of the power of positive expectancy and how to get everything you want in life.  Developing instant enthusiasm, and permanent enthusiasm.  How to nourish your mind.

Become the Winner You Were Born to Be

Zig outlines his recommendations for building a winning attitude and eliminating “stinkin’ thinkin'”.  He shows you how you can fine-tune your thoughts and actions so you’ll be “up” most of the time.  He knows that when you’re up, you’re enthusiastic, and when you’re enthusiastic, you’re highly motivated.  And the nine principles he shares with you will get you up.  

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