See You At The TopProduct: See You At The Top
Author: Zig Ziglar
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Review Date: May 5, 2011
Category: Personal Development / Audio Programs
Rating: ***** 5 / 5

See You At The Top Review

There’s only one difference between Zig Ziglar, the former cookware salesman, and Zig Ziglar, the world-famous speaker.  And that’s the product he sells.

Years ago, he left a highly successful sales career to sell what he considered much more important – self-image, confidence, motivation, goals and success.  With Ziglar, you don’t measure success in dollars.  You measure it in attitudes.  And measured that way, success is readily attainable by anyone.

Ziglar – his first name is really Hilary, but he chose Zig because it’s more catchy – is a master at motivational speaking.   So good, in fact, that he’s hopscotched across the country for 18 years, traveled more than three million miles, and has grown from a one-man show to the Zig Ziglar Corporation, with a pad staff of more than 60 in a brand new building in the Dallas area.  His message no longer comes solely from the stage.  You can read his books, hear him on CD, or see him on video.  His philosophy is even taught in 2,000 schools.

He’s the author of four books, include See You At The Top.  More than 1,500,000 copies of this inspirational work are in print, and it has been translated into Spanish, French, and Korean.  Ziglar has been featured in The New York Times has appeared on “The Today Show”, “The Tomorrow Show”, “The Hour of Power”, “20/20″, “60 Minutes”, and “The Phil Donahue” TV shows.

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